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Not your normal cooking class, this class brings together creative-minded adults and body healing for a night of nutritional socializing.
- The Village Voice

Not your average cooking class, this version is more like a soiree, with organic and vegetarian ingredients. - Time Out New York

Attending one of these cooking classes is like dying and going to heaven. - Ahuva Ellner

This class is a delectable feast for the senses. 
- Judy Bonfil-Levine

Raw Living Food - Live Food Classes
Photo by Rafael Fuchs

A Raw Living Food and Lifefood Preparation Class
with various instructors such as Chef Shanti Devi Michal and Amy Rachelle

Spring into Life!
How to prepare easy and delicious
Cleansing Raw and Living Foods

Date TBA

Join us for an en-lite-ening exploration of preparing easy to digest, properly combined, low calorie, simple to make and outrageously delicious raw and living foods!

Using a wide variety of exotic superfoods and seasonal fruits and vegetables, we will delight in simple and creative meal preparation without the use of dense, high calorie, difficult to digest foods such as nuts and seeds and high-sugar-content foods.

The recipes we will learn in this class are ideal for a long-term cleansing and cellular rejuvenation regimen effective in the healing and prevention of most chronic modern day conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, most digestive disorders, skin diseases, chronic fatigue, candida and many more. We will explore ways to accelerate the elimination of toxins and the burning of fat while promoting cellular rejuvenation and weight loss in a relatively short period of time through fasting.

We will discover and explore:
Which foods are easiest to digest and provide the most nourishment.
Which foods are low on the glycemic index (have a low sugar content)
Creating meals with simple ingredients yet complex and satisfying flavors.
Maximizing the energizing and healing properties of foods through proper food combining.
Fasting and Cleansing: short or long-term when and how

The Menu:
Very Berry Refresher Smoothie
Green Energy Living Soup
Spinach Basil Spread
The Everyday Foundation for Health: Superfood Salad
Jicama Salsa with Cilantro Dressing
Rubbed Kale and Daikon Salad
Assorted Seaweed Salad with Umeboshi Dressing
Blueberry Lime Sorbet

All RAW, ALL VEGAN, 100% Organic! 

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Great food - I could never imagine that those chunky roots I saw in some grocery stores before are actually sweet. Great people - very open, very different. I made new friends instantly.  - Rafael Fuchs

What a great recipe: a wholesome organic meal and an easy-going host. I'll be back. Organic vegetables prepared with loving spirit always taste good. Thanks for making me feel so welcome and comfortable. I'm still feeling the good vibe from the evening.  - Larry Lux

I had a great time. Thanks for a truly wonderful evening. I've been living in New York for seven years now and it's usually very hard to entertain me with something I haven't experienced yet.  - Keren Shani

I had such a wonderful experience. The class was great fun, the food was terrific, and I left feeling whole and happy. Looking forward to taking more classes with you, and learning more every day.  - Susan Gass

The cooking class was a great chance to make a healthy meal with a bunch of new friends. It made me remember how much fun cooking can be with a group and also how easy it is to eat healthy with just a little extra effort.- Jackie Valentine

I loved the cooking class. While the purpose (to me) was to learn that eating in a healthy way is beneficial and delicious, the atmosphere was casual and filled with joy and love. I'll use what I learned and go back formore.  - Judith Burnett

Beloved Alok, namasti.
Much joy to share with you
a cooking experience, not just a class.
Food for the soul.
May you keep spreading
this light all over NYC.
Om.  - Harsita Love

This class is a delectable feast for the senses, and an incredibly fun way to meet eclectic, creative people. I felt right at home immediately. I really appreciate Alok's thoughtfulness in making our experience so complete. And the food is scrumptious!  - Judy Bonfil-Levine

Alok, thank you so much for that lovely evening. Way beyond the technique of cooking healthy, you let us practice 'enjoying' fully. Enjoying people and the positive energies they give off whether it is while massaging, singing, talking, eating, or even while cooking. That was a really neat group you brought together and it was not by accident. Thanks again. - Anthony Law

Attending one of Alok's cooking classes is like dying and going to heaven. I totally lose my sense of place, and just succumb to the warm, soothing and healing energies shared by those around me. The meals are mouth watering, and simple to repeat at home. Alok is a blessing. - Ahuva Ellner

I'm in Alok's six-month program. I find the cooking classes the
perfect complement to the program. I wouldn't miss a single class. I even attend the same class more than once. The cooking class is an opportunity for me to learn more about food, have yummy dinners, meet new friends (with some of them I now hang out outside of the classes), and promote my music. The ambient is always so cozy and the energy is very high. People who are not in the program can attend the classes as well. It's fun and it's a great way of meeting people from different countries, cultures, and experiences.
- Irene Mastrangeli

Thank you for a wonderful experience! I learned a lot and had a great time. The company was so friendly and welcoming, and the air was filled with lots of love and really great energy. I brought my leftovers home and my roommate said, "It looks like real sushi." I am looking forward to taking another class.  - Angela Paccione

I recently attended one of Alok's cooking classes, and had a wonderful time! I felt so relaxed with everyone. No pretensions, no competition, no stress. It was a time to truly live in the present moment, to be there and enjoy one another's company and make delicious food! I recommend Alok's classes for anyone looking for a cooking experience with a bit of the spiritual thrown in.  - Anne Osmer

I enjoyed how the class was more than just about cooking. There was lots of primary food to be enjoyed as well, so we got to experience the meaning of primary food. I left feeling satisfied and inspired.  - Patricia Black

The whole event was very harmonious. I particularly liked connecting with new people and making food together is such a wonderful vehicle to do that.  - Marie Lumholtz

I really enjoyed having a live food preparation class. It was very delicious and I felt very good the next day. It left me with the feeling of eating very clean and healthy food. Thank you very much.  - Nuria Divi

It was a stimulating, nourishing evening and I am looking forward to hearing next month's schedule and menu.  - Meche Kroop

I really enjoyed the cooking class and made the sweet sensation and brown rice/quinoa/ poppy seed mix last night, so I have enough to last me most of the week. Thanks for your enthusiasm and passion for whole foods. It's refreshing to meet someone who feels the same about "simple" foods.  - Julie Genser

I enjoyed sharing time with you and the group during the cooking class. It was very informative. I felt I was in a very friendly environment, where everybody was willing to let go of the New York City face and open to a relaxed communication. For me it was important to reconnect with my left side... to practice self love by being conscious and caring of what I put into my body. I liked being able to participate in the cooking itself. It was a great, fun tool to connect with all the other participants. The meal was just delicious, so natural and healthy. 
- Pedro Ramirez


Photos by Aarona Pichinson

Our nutritional therapy classes will teach you to cook wholesome foods

Raw Living Food - Feasting on Organic Food

Raw Living Food - Organic Produce

Alok's cooking class allows one to step into a world of good food, smiles, and laughter. The class also allows one the opportunity to have wonderful conversations with people that otherwise may not have crossed our paths.  - Stacey Mariash

The cooking class was a great experience. Taking the time to actually cook food is a great luxury. The process itself can be a type of meditation, a time to reflect on your day as you prepare your meal. It's rare that I take that time for myself - it was nice to be reminded how enjoyable it can be. And even better, it was great to be surrounded by new interesting people while learning how to make delicious food. Thanks for the happy experience! - Jessica Dietz

Our disconnected commercial world often makes us feel we are pieces of a machine - not part of a people. When we entered into your beautiful space we knew we were entering into a different world. When we did your exercises and rituals, all done with gentleness and humor we felt at home and happy. If only the whole world were like this I thought at the time. Then came the preparation and the food. Both were wonderful and simple. A group of strangers we were, yet when we cooked we all feel into the comfortable rhythm of a family. Thank you for this great experience, we felt we learned a lot, we will definitely put what we learned into our own practice and we look forward to learning more. Thank you again.
- Michael and Ximena Rossato-Bennett

I've rarely cooked since I've lived in NY. The few times that I have, it's been hectic and stressful. I'd forgotten how enjoyable the ritual of cooking can be . . . taking time to slow down and chat, linger over the preparation, work with real ingredients vs. those that come in boxes and plastic containers, take in the rich smells, enjoy the tastes without swigging down tumblers of wine! It was a real respite from the day.  - Stormi Dykes

Thank you for facilitating a unique experience. I enjoyed the evening tremendously because it was an evening without an agenda, a simple approach to reminding us that a simple meal cooked and shared with other men and women can nurture your body as well as your soul. It was like having a dinner at a good friend's house. I enjoyed meeting you and your friends.
- Pavel Salek

Alok's cooking class provides an opportunity to learn and explore the realms of nutritious food in a friendly environment that caters to all walks of life. The evening was enlightening, fun, and simply delicious!  - Patricia Rosbury

It was lovely to see what you are doing. A coming together of people to share and learn about nourishing themselves through the world's natural and simplistic bounty. . . harmoniously. . .with love. And you have found a way to sponsor it, promote it, as well as to be sustained by it. Wonderful!  - Sherry Bender

The class was great. I learned a lot and looking forward for next class!! - Veronica Sampaio

The cooking party was joyous and relaxing. The food was fresh and light and delightful.
- Vasilis Vassalos

The food nourished my soul; the energy nourished my heart and then I slept a peaceful sleep only to dream in color once more.  - Jeff Wolf

We really enjoyed the class from start to finish. You create a very unique and warm atmosphere that prepared us for an experience that nourished our minds, bodies and souls.
- Amery Rock and Philip Hatem

This cooking class is the best deal in town for a recreational evening, for those who wish to entice the vegetarian chef in oneself as part of a team experience. Sitting low while eating is a very grounding experience. The evening could be summed up as the TTS experience. 'T' for Touch, 'T' for Taste, and 'S' for Sensory awareness and Sound.  - Carmela Tal Baron

Cooking class at Alok's was exceptional. Alok is a very gracious host and very informative on good physical and spiritual health. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Great fun.  Am looking forward to attending other events.   - Maureen Daly

Very much enjoyed the experience.  - Daniel Waldron

I had so much energy after the class, I walked all the way home 30 blocks. I can't say enough about your cooking class! It was a wonderful meal, as was the atmosphere. I really enjoyed myself, and look forward to a return visit. A perfect evening. Thank you for a delicious meal and your kindness.  - Beth Pokriefke  

I thoroughly enjoyed the class; it was fun to prepare and eat food together with the group and get to know some new people who are interested in healthy eating. Such an open and receptive group of people.  - Marie-Elizabeth Mundheim

I enjoyed the dinner a lot and felt the good energy all around me. - Arlette Ingrid Levy

Really enjoyed the class and meeting you and all who attended. It was a wonderful way to relax after a long stressful week of work.  - Elaine Mastronardi-Kurz

Thank you and thanks to the wonderful people we shared the evening with. It was really special.  - Chelsea Albucher

I had a great time. You are truly a healing person, Alok.  - Liselle Mei

"I wanted to thank you again for a beautiful evening. We had a wonderful time! I think it's funny that it's called a "cooking class"--it's so much more than that."  - Shea Settimi

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