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By David Jaher.

What is astrology? Astrology is an image of the soul projected onto the sky. A natal chart is like a photograph of the heavens at the precise time and location of birth. Manifested in this chart are planetary energies which are activated throughout life.

What is karmic astrology?
Karmic astrology, the field I specialize in, is built around the study of how personal decisions and actions, in conjunction with the movements of the planets, activate natal potential.

Can astrology predict the future?
Astrology can precisely determine the energies that are affecting your life at any given time. It has predictive use but it is more beneficial as a tool to determine timing and the proper focus of these energies. The ultimate goal is to act in rhythm with the movements of the planets in order to insure greatest potential for success and well being.

What are some of the other uses of astrology?

Psychological interpretation
Astrology can help a client to recognize habitual patterns of self- undoing and to best utilize natal strengths.

Career analysis:
To determine the career path in which a client's natal potential is most well-suited.

Relationship charts:
Strengths and challenges inherent in romantic, family, and business relationships.

Timing and decisions:
The most propitious time for job and residence changes, social planning, important meetings, romance.

Health Readings:
The use of medical astrology to maximize physical wellness and vitality.

Solar Returns:
Forecast the planetary influences for each particular year.

Relocation charts:
A natal chart may be recast for any place in the world in order to analyze the benefits and challenges of living in this new location.

Readings are done either in person or over the phone.

Individual readings:
$125 / One hour session
$175 / Hour-and-a-half session

These fees are subject to change.

David Jaher, a Leo with Aquarius rising, has been a professional astrologer for five years.

To schedule an appointment or to find out more information, send an email to .

"Pluto and Predictive Astrology" by David Jaher

"I am very happy with the reading you gave me. You did a great job. I'm appreciative of your precise and cogent style, and I like the particular way you use language to express the points you are trying to communicate. I now have a lot more insights into my own psyche as well as my son's. You were remarkably on target with so many of your comments. I'm looking forward to a wonderful future for myself and those I can touch in some positive way. I feel excitement. Thanks again." - Susan Dicarlo, Teacher

"David is one of New York's best kept secrets. Not only has he given me incredibly accurate readings on everything from my relationships to my business endeavors, but he has also taught me about the impact of planetary energies on my everyday life. David has a keen analytical mind -- something that the typical astrologer often lacks. This gift enables him to unveil invaluable truths about every aspect of our lives in his readings. I've benefited tremendously from the insights and information gleaned from our sessions." - Natalia Rose, NYC 

"Every time I have received a reading from David, the same essential qualities have come across - insight, honesty, and accuracy. I am consistently reminded of David's readings in the course of my daily life. They have helped me immeasurably."  - Jon Gordon, founder, Brooklyn Center for Yoga

"David Jaher has always taken the time to caringly respond to questions my partner and I have asked, directing himself to each of us and to both of us as interrelated energies. He is clear on what astrology offers in making plans, understanding changes, speaking to the mind and to the heart. yes"> His readings are both simple and complex, very accessible, and inherently very helpful!  His astrology readings are an asset to enhancing one's enjoyment of life!  He is caring, brilliant, helpful and fun!"  - Phyllis Bloom, Acupuncturist

"David Jaher has keen insight and a sharp intelligence. He uses these abilities to the fullest in his readings and his words are inspiring. He gives me a perspective on my life that is unique and valuable." - Zalisa, Writer/Producer

"I have turned to David Jaher for astrology readings when major plans or decisions are underway in life.  He has always been extremely clear, informationally brilliant, and helpful in his caring yet dispassionately honest presentation.  David's empathetic and large perspective in communicating his understandings offer accessible tools when they are needed.  He can be counted on!" - Jackie Haught, Founder Blue Lotus Health Clinic, NYC

"Before I met David, my understanding and relationship with Astrology was extremely superficial. I regarded it as a collection of generic truths that you read in the weekend edition of newspapers. With David, I wasable to get insights and tap into areas of my life that I was not aware of. And wherever there is awareness, wherever there is light - there is always growth. Thank you David, the Signs and Planets :)"  - Tarana, Reiki Practitioner, NYC

"My entire life, I'd never put too much thought into astrology.  The practice never made much sense to me and the astrology in the newspapers seemed childish and even boring.  Then three of my friends did readings with David.  These readings opened up so much for them that I was inspired to try it too.  The way David presented the information was so practical and instructive.  He wasn't afraid of taking risks and discussing very specific details. He was reading me like an open card, pointing out strengths and weaknesses. His guidance provided tremendous help and reinforcement. I highly appreciate David's love for what he does and his approach which is full of empathy and love towards his clients." - Alok, Holistic Health Counselor

"I loved the reading I had with David. He helped me clarify my relationship and encouraged me to trust in myself. His information is delivered clearly and with great care. I recommend him highly." - Caitlin FitzSimons, Yoga Teacher

"David is very thorough and clear in his readings. His expression of my chart made so much sense and helped me to see aspects of my life with a new perspective. It helped me to understand why certain things are the way they are and how I can work with these things to be most effective in life. He has an intuitive way of reading patterns, speaking freely and fluently as though he knows who you are." - Aarona Pichinson, Holistic Health Counselor

"My reading with David was powerful, enlightening, moving, funny, sad and true. I don't know how else to describe it! I left feeling like the universe had just let me in on a big secret--about my self, my life and my relationships." - Shea Settimi, writer, NYC

"As a person who generally does not give much credit to something like astrology, considering myself very practical, David's readings had a special impact on me. He is clearly a very gifted person when it comes to reading charts and conveying the information to people in a way that is fully accessible and immediately useful.
"The information he gives you is something that you can use to guide you both in the immediate and distant future. He also sheds light on blocks you may have had in the past, and provides a big- picture view on lessons you can learn to make greater progress toward your life goals from your particular chart. He's worth every penny; I highly recommend him." - Robin M., NYC

“David’s reading was the most insightful and indulging one hour of self-enlightenment I have ever experienced. His sharp analytical ability to isolate patterns of behavior heightened my self-awareness and renewed my self-confidence. I walked away with a comprehensive framework identifying when and where I should focus my energy and goals in reaching my highest potential.”- Natasha, lawyer, NYC

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you from both Jorge and myself for caring and giving of yourself the way you have. You have shown such kindness, understanding, helpfulness, as well as wonderful, intelligent, insightful suggestions in terms of our astrological readings. Thank you." - Kelly Ottey

"Thank you so much for my reading. I truly enjoyed every minute of it and learned so many things about myself. You were amazing and so on target with everything. You are indeed blessed and gifted. Thanks for sharing your talent with me. I look forward to speaking with you again and sending my friends to you." - Sofia, Lawyer

"Thanks again for the wonderful astrological reading. When I walked out of the session, it was like a weight had been lifted. Your observations were thoughtful and insightful and I was in the perfect frame of mind to receive them. I have been highly recommending you to my friends." - Charlotte, Artistic Designer, NYC

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